Floor scrubber dryer

The scrubber dryer is a push or self-propelled machine for cleaning any flooring surface (hard, resilient, textile, indoor and outdoor) in any dirt condition. The scrubber dryer is the ideal solution for areas that require fast and professional scrubbing, reducing time and costs of cleaning personnel and ensuring perfectly dry and safe work areas.

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How the scrubber dryer works: operating principle

The scrubber dryer uses the cleaning and abrasive action of the rotating brushes and the chemical action of the cleaning solution which is injected directly through the brushes onto the surface. Dirty water, mixed with residues, is conveyed by a squeegee and sucked up by a turbine directly into a tank. The squeegee thus serves a dual function: to convey dirty water to be sucked up and to leave the floor dry as it passes through.

Man-behind scrubber dryers

The operator can drive the machine by means of special handles on the back. These are compact floor scrubber dryers which are best suited for small operations and spaces (up to 500 sq. m.) such as offices, restaurants, stores, schools, theaters, laundries, cafés, laboratories, etc.

Ride-on scrubber dryers

These models are equipped with a seat for the operator and a steering wheel for driving. These are more powerful machines suitable for large areas (up to 12,000 sq. m.), such as companies, warehouses, car showrooms, airports, shopping malls, etc.

The advantages of the floor scrubber dryer

  • Time: reduction of more than 50% of the time spent cleaning and sanitizing floors. Just one go to wash and dry the entire floor in no time.
  • Safety: the machinery can operate without fencing the cleaning area with the floor immediately walkable, no safety or noise problems, thanks to their noiselessness.
  • Cleanliness: the level of cleanliness and sanitation is significantly higher than manual washing. The use of two tanks, one with clean water+detergent, the other for the recovery of dirty water, ensures more cleanliness and better hygiene. Aesthetic results are also improved thanks to the mechanical pressure of the brushes, which leaves no stains or marks.
  • Saving: the scrubber dryer maximizes the yield of water and detergent with an unparalleled comparison: it is estimated that half a liter (50 deciliters) of solution is needed to wash 10 square meters of floors by hand, compared to 5 deciliters used by a floor scrubber dryer.

Foor scrubber dryer maintenance

Routine maintenance extends the life of any machine by ensuring optimal performance at all times, so let's see what operations are required for good maintenance and how often they should be performed:

  • After each use: 
    emptying the recovery tank of dirty and waste water and charging the batteries.
  • Every week (in case of frequent use):
    Disassembling and cleaning the detergent solution filter
  • Every month:
    General cleaning of brushes

Cleaning pipes with an anti-scale;

Checking pipes and suction ducts for clogging and obstruction

Checking and cleaning the pivoting

Checking wear of drive components


Using the scrubber dryer in sanitary environments

Hospitals, private clinics, nursing homes, doctor's offices and other health care facilities require high standards of hygiene; at the same time they are affected, every day, by a large flow of people, and fencing lobbies and hallways could be a major problem.

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